Oversized bag - Magnus

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The perfect bag for all needs. Spacious bag (with practical inner pocket), made in extra strong and durable recycled cotton. Illustrated by Magnus Voll Mathiassen and produced by Bokhari 

Product specifications:
  • Width: 73cm
  • Height 45cm
  • Depth: 10cm

In his own words: “Bokhari’s design is an extension of a personal project. These are illustrations of something as trivial as artificial potted plants made in a strictly graphic and abstract idiom. This idiom had the potential to develop into a pattern, or something similar to a pattern. For Bokhari, this was done as the opposite of artificial potted plants: Underwater plant. It was made without references, with only an idea of how it might look. An Oversized Bag is a good canvas to bring out the details, and thematically a good match as it can be used for beach and sea life.”

Shipping or pick-up at byHands office within two weeks.

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