About Us

The company

byHands represents some of Norway’s most talented contemporary artists. Based in Oslo, we work with both national and international clients. Our award-winning illustrators represent a unique range of skills and techniques.

byHands was founded in 2010. Since then we have grown to become Norway’s leading agency for commercial and artistic illustration. Check out our agency website, byHands.no.

The webshop

The byHands webshop is a platform that highlights the personal work of our illustrators. Here, you can discover artwork designed for personal development, posters created for byHands exhibitions, editorial favorites, product collaborations, and more. 
One important note: Many of our products are printed on demand, signed, and numbered, and we don't have all products in stock. The waiting time can be up to 14 days before we're ready to ship or for pick-up. We appreciate your patience, and we'll keep you informed on the process.
Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions; we'd love to hear from you!


If you come across work by our illustrators that you'd like as a print, don't hesitate to inquire about pricing and available sizes.

Businesses interested in large format prints or office decorations/murals are also more than welcome to contact us at post@byhands.no.
In Oslo? Visit our favorite artshop Too Many Prints at Neubergata 14 for our "shop in shop" for selected pre-framed prints. They have a great selection of artists, check it out.