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The perfect beach bag. Spacious bag (with practical inner pocket), made in extra strong and durable recycled cotton. Illustrated by Frode Skaren and produced by Bokhari. 

Product specifications:

  • Width: 73cm
  • Height 45cm
  • Depth: 10cm

In his own words: “While I was thinking about a motif for my beach bag, I also worked on a poster where two figures had a central role. I liked these characters so much that I thought it could be a good starting point for a motif for the bag. We often go to the beach at home in Sørlandet, and like to have a spacious bag. That’s why I wanted to have my motif on such a bag. The motif symbolizes summer; watermelon, ice cream and sun! After the motif was finished, I got the idea to tell a little story with the characters, so I made a back cover for the bag. On the back, the sun has turned into a moon, someone has eaten the watermelon, and the ice cream has melted. Even though summer may be over for this year, I’m looking forward to next year when the bag can be filled with ice cream, watermelon and sun.”

Shipping or pick-up at byHands office within two weeks.

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